78 Uses For Coffee Ground That You Can Try In Your House

Do you like to drink coffee every day, but are not sure what to do with the leftover grounds? Whether you make it by the pot or pod, you will always need to clean the coffee grounds out of your coffeemaker. This list will show you 78 uses for coffee grounds around your home.

Most of these uses call for used coffee grounds, but some of them will require grounds fresh from the can. You should use regular coffee and not coffee powder, especially if you’re using the grounds for their abrasive properties.

Since the grounds are made from grinding hard beans, they can be used to scrub away dirt, grease, and other grime inside and outside your house. Coffee grounds have several uses in the garden, and they can be used to treat damaged hair or exfoliate your skin to restore its natural beauty.

To dry used coffee grounds, first line a baking sheet with newspaper or paper towels. Then, remove the grounds from your coffeemaker or pods and spread them onto the paper. Place another layer of paper over them and set the baking sheet in a warm place out of the way.

Stir the grounds and replace the damp paper as needed until the grounds are dry. It should only take two or three days for them to thoroughly dry. After drying, you can store them in jars or bowls until you need them for one of these 78 purposes.

  • Place coffee grounds in flowerbeds, but don’t mix them with soil, to ward off slugs, snails, and ants.
  • Keep cats from using the restroom in your garden.
  • Use them around plants to protect them from fungi.
  • Change the color of Hydrangeas from pink to blue. Coffee grounds change the acidity level of soil, which changes the color.
  • Use them as fertilizer by placing them around plants and flowers.
  • Yield more radishes and carrots by adding coffee grounds to the soil when planting the seeds.
  • Put them in your compost, but make sure to add dry leaves, wood chips, or paper to balance out the nitrogen the grounds will create.
  • Attract and feed bait worms by mixing coffee grounds with dirt, so they live longer.
  • Get rid of rotting garbage smells by putting dry coffee grounds in an old pair of nylons and hang the grounds inside the top of the garbage bin.
  • Deodorize the refrigerator by placing dry coffee grounds in cheesecloth and placing it on a shelf to absorb odors.
  • Clean your kitchen sink drain by boiling coffee grounds in a cup of water and pouring it down the sink.
  • Cover scratches on dark wood furniture by creating a paste from coffee grounds and water. It makes a stain to cover them.
  • Use coffee grounds as a mild abrasive to clean pots and pans.
  • Remove fish, onion, garlic, or other odors from hands by washing them with coffee grounds.
  • Eliminate smells from the garbage disposal by creating a cleaner.
  • Use them to clean the fireplace. The weight from wet grounds will prevent ash from flying around as you clean.
  • The acid in the grounds can de-ice your sidewalks and driveway.
  • Add a teaspoon of grounds to your dog’s bath to repel fleas.
  • Add them to shampoo or conditioner to strip oils and buildup from your hair.
  • Washing your hair with them will darken it.
  • Use leftover bits of soap or the hotel soaps you’ve accumulated to make deodorant soap with coffee grounds.
  • Sprinkle new dry coffee grounds in shoes to help deodorize them if you have problems with foot odor.
  • Make your hair shiner by rubbing them into your hair and using them during the final rinse.
  • Exfoliate your skin by mixing wet grounds with a natural oil, like coconut or olive oil, and warm water. Then rub it on your body and face. After you’re done, rinse them off with cool water.
  • Get rid of dark circles around the eyes, reduce puffiness, and tighten skin by applying them under the eyes and letting them sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing them off.
  • Wake up and exfoliate your face by using a mocha frappuccino face mask.
  • Give wood a weathered look by rubbing coffee grounds and vinegar into the wood with steel wool.
  • Create non-toxic paint for kids by mixing the grounds with water.
  • Other uses for coffee grounds include making a natural dye from them for cotton, wool, and linen fabrics.
  • Sharpen the garbage disposal’s blades by adding one tablespoon of dry coffee grounds when it is running.
  • Create gardener’s soap by mixing 1/3 cup of grounds with melted glycerin soap. Pour into a mold to let it set before using.
  • Make Henna tattoo dye from them.
  • Fill a pin cushion with dried, used coffee grounds to keep pins from rusting.
  • Make faux parchment paper by gently crumbling paper, unfolding it, and dying it by putting it in a solution of water and a half cup of used grounds. After 30 seconds, remove the paper, blot off the excess moisture and let it dry.
  • Sprinkle them around the outside AC unit to repel fire ants.
  • Make modeling dough with which kids can play or create things.
  • Reduce cellulite by mixing ¼ cup of warm coffee grounds with a tablespoon of olive oil and apply it and wrap the area with plastic wrap. Keep it on 10 minutes, then unwrap and shower.
  • Dye eggs for Easter or as decorations for the house.
  • Make a great smelling coffee candle with grounds and the remaining wax from candles.
  • Help your kids make pretend fossils.
  • Use coffee grounds to create an air freshener.
  • Create a mushroom farm.
  • Use as a flavoring when making chocolate cake, cookies, or other chocolate baked goods.
  • Add a beard for Halloween by putting honey on your child’s face and patting on some dry coffee grounds.
  • Tenderize meats with fresh coffee grounds.
  • Make energy bites without needing to bake them.
  • Fresh-cut flowers will last longer by adding grounds to their water.
  • Trap cockroaches by putting grounds into a jar and using double-sided tape around the top of it to trap them.
  • Use coffee grounds as a seasoning when grilling meat or vegetables.
  • Create a dry rub with them for barbequing.
  • Wrap some coffee grounds in cheesecloth and place it in a vacuum bag to absorb odors.
  • Mix them in the soil to fertilize houseplants to help them grow.
  • Eliminate musty odors in a room or under the sink by place dry coffee grounds in a can or pie pan and leave them in place to absorb odors.
  • Use them to create dry shampoo.
  • Make a coffee conditioner for your hair.
  • Spread coffee grounds in the garden or around flowerbeds to kill mosquitos.
  • Use them as an astringent to tone and clean your face.
  • Mix them with soil to start seeds for the garden as they help release nutrients.
  • Used coffee grounds make mulch for plants.
  • Put fresh coffee grounds around plants that like acids, such as blueberries, azaleas, and lilies.
  • Put fresh grounds in the garden to reduce weeds, but do not place them around tomatoes.
  • Fresh, dry coffee grounds will keep rabbits out of the garden, as well as pests. Use them sparingly.
  • Make DIY hairspray to keep hair healthy.
  • Give spicy dishes an extra layer of flavor by adding grounds to recipes with chili peppers.
  • People with auburn or brunette hair can add highlights to it with coffee grounds.
  • Wash brown clothing with both brewed coffee and the grounds to add darkness to them.
  • Since they are abrasive, use them to clean the grease from tools.
  • Rub them in your dog’s fur to give it a healthy shine after being bathed, then rinse them out.
  • The caffeine in the grounds can help stimulate hair growth. Rub some onto your scalp before washing your hair.
  • Use them in meat marinades to give the food a smoky flavor.
  • Scatter grounds in the garden or yard to aerate the soil and give plants a nitrogen boost.
  • Clean stains from tile or kitchen counters by mixing grounds with soapy water to get out stains.
  • When you need to clean the grill, use coffee grounds to remove grease and burnt-on food.
  • Make an acne treatment by mixing grounds with milk to make a paste and apply to your face for about 10 minutes.
  • Use dry grounds to exfoliate your scrap if the skin is dry and flaky. Afterward, wash and condition your hair as usual.
  • Add them to the soil around roses to get bigger blooms.
  • Inhale coffee grounds to clear the nose before testing perfumes. It will prevent the different perfume smells from being mixed-up.
  • Provide future geologists or paleontologists with treasure rocks filled with small toys for their collection.

This list allows you to repurpose a common household item to prevent from throwing them in the garbage. Since coffee grounds have nitrogen in them, they are good for your garden and yard. However, be careful with them and keep them away from plants that don’t like excess nitrogen, like tomatoes.

These uses for coffee grounds can help you save a lot of money on fertilizers, pesticides, cleaners, and hair or skin products.

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