An Honest Plant Therapy Review: What You Really Need to Know

Have you heard the hype surrounding essential oils? If so, then you probably already know that essential oils not only smell great in a diffuser, but they have a number of beneficial health properties. If you are ready to experience the benefits of essential oils, keep reading. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide where we’ll compare top brands with Plant Therapy reviews to help you understand what you really need to know about essential oils and the Plant Therapy brand in particular.

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Plant Therapy is a brand specializing in essential oils of the highest quality. Plant Therapy sources all-natural and organic ingredients that are safe for the whole family. To really learn more about this brand, stay tuned as we unpack the Plant Therapy reviews later on and add our own to the Plant Therapy reviews you can find at Amazon and elsewhere.

Essential oils are extracted from plants. This extracted oil can come from a wide variety of sources, from flowers to herbs. Common essential oil types include lavender, peppermint, rose, lemongrass, rosemary, and bergamot.

It’s important to note that many essential oils have antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Aside from the medical purposes, you will find that essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy; and that’s not all. In fact, the uses of essential oils are almost endless. Here are just some of the things you can do with them:

  • Make perfumes
  • Produce scented candles
  • Make unique soaps
  • Produce topical products such as lotion and massage oil
  • Drink them as teas
  • Add them to bath salts
  • Use them in baking

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Plant Therapy is known for its quality ingredients. It’s rare that you find an essential oil brand that is safe to use on children. Plant Therapy’s essential oils are undiluted and 100% pure in the formula. When you peruse Plant Therapy reviews you’ll see many consumers remarking on the overall quality.

Plant Therapy is loved by many consumers worldwide, and there’s a number of reasons why. Just check out the many positive Plant Therapy reviews on Amazon. One happy customer remarked on the price for the quality saying “Plant Therapy makes it easy to fit this small routine into your budget, without cutting corners.” Other users often remark on the consistent quality with comments like “never disappoints.”

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One of the things that sets Plant Therapy apart is their prices. Plant Therapy’s essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and therapeutic grade. That being said, for the quality the price point is a lot more affordable than other brands of similar quality.

The Plant Therapy brand’s business model focuses on making essential oils more accessible to a wide range of incomes. The brand really want to move away from the idea that essential oils are only for the wealthy. This drive to make their products affordable comes from their belief in the many health benefits of essential oils. Prices of these oils will range from around $0.50 a ml to three or four times that amount, depending on the scent you choose and the brand you want to try,

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We picked a few similar essential oil brands that are available on the market to see how they compare. Check them out below:

  • Aura Cacia Essential Oils
  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Eden’s Garden Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Basil Linalool Essential Oil 10 mL (1/3 oz) 100% Pure,…

  • BASIL LINALOOL ESSENTIAL OIL: Steam distilled from the leaves of the Basil plant to produce a high-quality essential oil…
  • CALM AND FOCUS THE MIND: Add 2 drops of Bergamot, Clary Sage and Basil Linalool to your Plant Therapy Aromatherapy…
  • RELAXING BATH: Combine 3 drops of Basil Linalool with a half cup of whole milk and add to a warm bath to help relieve…

Now that you know a little more about Plant Therapy Essential Oils, you can begin to explore the ease of use, the number of varieties available, and learn about the overall quality. Take a look at the information below and then compare it with the other brands below. Keep in mind that products aren’t always meant for everyone, and what works for one person may not always work for you. Don’t be afraid to keep a list of must-haves and deal breakers to help you decided on an essential oil brand that’s right for you.

Plant Therapy essential oils are extremely easy to use. Due to the fact that they are 100% pure and undiluted, you can easily add drops to diffusers, water, baking, lotion, and more with ease. The convenient top allows the oils to drip out without any squeezing or shaking. Just check out the Plant Therapy reviews to see how many customers are pleased with the ease of use.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils is a brand that is always associated with quality. Not only is Plant Therapy listed as an Amazon’s Choice product on but it features over 30 five-star reviews. The Plant Therapy reviews almost always touch on the overall quality. Plant Therapy is such high-quality, in fact, that it is even considered therapeutic grade.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils don’t stop at the classics like lavender and mint. Instead, you can expect to see the Plant Therapy Essential Oils brand offering upwards of 100 different products and blends. That huge variety earns Plant Therapy Essential Oils five out of five stars.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils are known for their quality and popularity in the market. Founded back in 1976, Aura Cacia Essential Oils features 100% pure products that never contain any additives. If a certified organic label is something you’re after, we recommend checking out this brand first!

Aura Cacia’s essential oils are extremely easy to use. These five-star products feature an easy to drip spout that ensures you won’t need to squeeze or tap the bottle to get the essential oils out. Just tip the bottle over and add drops to your baking, massage lotions, tea, and more. It’s easy, and the variations and uses are almost limitless!

Aura Cacia Essential Oils has been known for its quality products since they offered their first essential oil in-stores in 1979. If you take a look at the customer reviews, you’ll see many people touting the quality for the price point. Just be aware that these bottles don’t contain the standard 10 mL sizing and instead are 7.4 mL.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils has a large selection of oils available. If you check out their website or their Amazon store, you can find over 100 different oils including certified organic blends. If you’re looking for a type of oil that is more obscure, like fir needle or Bergamot, Aura Cacia Essential Oils has you covered.

Rocky Mountain Oils Tranquility Essential Oil Blend – 100% Pure and…

  • 100% Pure essential oil blend: Tranquility combines the stress-relieving powers of orange, tangerine, patchouli, lime,…
  • Diffuse: Tranquility inspires patience and calms everyday worries, while aiding with cessation of bad habits; One of the…
  • Topical: Tranquility makes a great massage oil for massage therapy; Dilute it with your favorite carrier oil and apply…

Rocky Mountain Oils are a higher-end option for those looking for pure and authentic essential oils. What sets Rocky Mountain Oils apart from other brands on the market is the quality control standards. Rocky Mountain Oils thoroughly tests their products in a lab to ensure the S.A.A.F.E Promise™. This promise provides satisfaction, authenticity, thorough analysis, ingredients free of adulterants; and all of this results in effective and pure products.

Rocky Mountain Oils are known for their pure formula and quality products. Not only can these essential oils compete with the positive Plant Therapy reviews, but they are also straightforward to use. All you need to do is take off the cap, tip the bottle over, and watch as the essential oil drips out. It really doesn’t get any easier to use than this!

Due to the fact that Rocky Mountain Oils has such strict testing and standards, it earns five out of five stars for the quality rating. You can tell customers are pleased by the overall quality by scrolling through the numerous positive reviews online. The best part is, Rocky Mountain Oils even offers a 90-day 100% money back guarantee should the quality not meet your standards.

Rocky Mountain Oils has a wide variety of products on the market. There are almost 100 different types of single oils to choose from. What’s great about Rocky Mountain Oils is that they also offer blends, kits, roll-ons, and more! If you’re looking for a variety of ways to apply or dispense your oil, Rocky Mountain Oils has some of the most diverse options.

Edens Garden Good Night Essential Oil Synergy Blend, 100% Pure…

  • Good Night’s sweet aroma is like soft sheets, a weighted blanket and the perfect mattress. And if it doesn’t bring…
  • Good Night is specially formulated using Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key…
  • Women-owned and family-operated since 2009, we personally source each essential oil and raw ingredient to ensure…

Eden’s Garden Essential Oils is one of the few brands out there focused on expiration dates. Each product that is sent out under the Eden’s Garden Essential Oils brand has been stored in a temperature and light sensitive room to ensure optimal freshness. Eden’s Garden Essential Oils is another brand that has created its own quality control standards and promises.

Eden’s Garden Essential Oils are just as easy to use as the other brands on our list. Due to the fact that Eden’s Garden Essential Oils sources high-quality products, including their bottles, the pure ingredients are easy to pour out and use in any number of ways. All you need to do is twist off the cap, tip over the little bottle, and drip the essential oils out.

Eden’s Garden Essential Oils focuses on quality. As we mentioned earlier, this is another brand that has created its own set of quality standards to promise their customers the best. This promise is called E.D.E.N.S. pledge. This pledge ensures that their products are effective, dedicated to a purpose, produced by educated research, natural, and safe for consumers.

The number of varieties available in Eden’s Garden Essential Oils store is shocking. You’ll find over 100 single essential oils available for a great price point. Not only does Eden’s Garden Essential Oils carry individual oil bottles, but they also carry synergy blends, standard blends, and products safe for children. What’s unique about Eden’s Garden Essential Oils offerings is that you can get them in a variety of distribution methods: bottles, roll-ons, carriers, and more.

After reviewing all of the essential oil brands above, we have decided on a rating for the Plant Therapy Essential Oils. The Plant Therapy, Essential Oils brand receives four out of five stars for an overall score.

Plant Therapy Basil Linalool Essential Oil 10 mL (1/3 oz) 100% Pure,…

  • BASIL LINALOOL ESSENTIAL OIL: Steam distilled from the leaves of the Basil plant to produce a high-quality essential oil…
  • CALM AND FOCUS THE MIND: Add 2 drops of Bergamot, Clary Sage and Basil Linalool to your Plant Therapy Aromatherapy…
  • RELAXING BATH: Combine 3 drops of Basil Linalool with a half cup of whole milk and add to a warm bath to help relieve…

The reason Plant Therapy Essential Oils receives four out of five stars for an overall rating is due to the quality, variety, and customer service. Explore each one below to find out just how we scored this popular brand.

When it comes to an essential oil company, quality is the one thing that reigns supreme. That’s where Plant Therapy Essential Oils does it right. This brand puts all of their products through rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and quality. What we love about this is that these tests are made available to the public via their website.

Aside from the quality, you’ll find a vast selection from this brand. Not only are there 125 different single oils available, but you can also find 47 unique blends and 43 one-of-a-kind sets. That’s not all either; Plant Therapy Essential Oils offers 23 roll-ons, 24 diffusers, and 20 carrier oils. If that doesn’t say variety to you, nothing will.

The positive Plant Therapy reviews often mention the company’s excellent customer service team. With Plant Therapy Essential Oils, you can expect a 100% money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your standards for any reason. Plant Therapy even has a toll-free phone number available to help answer any further questions.

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No matter which essential oil brand you choose, always remember to focus on the quality of ingredients. It is best to aim for products that are 100% pure and feature no additional additives or bases. If you’re not sure how to choose, we always recommend checking out the customer reviews. Customer reviews, like the Plant Therapy reviews, can give you an unbiased look into pros and cons.

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