Best Zinc Supplement

The best zinc supplements are pure, nutritionally valuable, contain high-quality ingredients and have an accurate label. By using the results of third-party testing, you can uncover the most effective zinc supplements for improving your overall health without breaking the bank.

The best zinc supplement will offer a hearty adult dose of zinc at a reasonable cost per serving and in a form that is readily absorbed. The best brands will also have very accurate labels and contain only safe ingredients that are not part of ingredient watchlists.

Since zinc is essential for many of the processes in the body, it is important to choose a high-quality supplement that can give your body all that it needs. While not all zinc supplements are created equal, our list includes some of the highest rated options that promise the best absorption rates and greatest values per serving.

  • This supplement does not contain any GMO ingredients, fillers, binder, dairy, or gluten, and is considered to be raw.
  • Can be added to fresh juices or even water for consumption.
  • It’s all marketing babble. The actual zinc is obviously sub-par.

Garden of Life Raw Zinc is one of the best zinc supplements on the market due to its high nutritional value, purity, and safety of its ingredients. Its label is very accurate, and Labdoor rates its expected efficacy as being very high.

The capsules can be taken with a meal or on their own.

One serving for this supplement is two capsules that total approximately 30 mg of Zinc.

This supplement also contains 60 mg of Vitamin C and a raw fruit and vegetable blend to help aid in digestion. The capsules can be taken with a meal or on their own.

This supplement does not contain any GMO ingredients, fillers, binder, dairy, or gluten, and is considered to be raw. The capsules can also be opened, and the contents can be added to fresh juices or even water for consumption.

  • This supplement is also supercharged with an immune support blend, cardio blend, and digestive support blend for optimal performance and absorption.
  • There are no GMO ingredients, and this supplement is gluten-free,
  • Some Complains of stomach ache.

New Chapter Zinc is another excellent zinc supplement with a highly accurate label, high-quality nutrition, and exceptional efficacy.

This product is very pure compared to others on the market, and a single tablet for each serving costs about 23 cents.

Immune Support Blend

New Chapter does not contain any ingredients currently on watchlists, and each serving contains 15 mg of zinc and 1.5 mg of copper.

This supplement is also supercharged with an immune support blend, cardio blend, and digestive support blend for optimal performance and absorption.

This zinc supplement also contains turmeric, ginger, and organic herbs and vegetables.

There are no GMO ingredients, and this supplement is gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher, and is free from artificial flavoring, fillers, and coloring.

  • This supplement has been certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).
  • Gluten-free by
  • Its a Vitamin what else is there to say.

Country Life Zinc provides 25 mg of zinc in each gluten-free, kosher, and vegan tablet. This supplement also contains no wheat, corn, soy, milk, yeast, or artificial coloring, preservatives, flavorings, or artificial sweeteners.

High Level of Efficacy

According to Labdoor, this product has a high level of efficacy and an accurate label in addition to its high nutritional value and safe ingredients. None of the ingredients on the label are watchlisted, and each serving costs around 10 cents for a single tablet.

This supplement has been certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) and gluten-free by The supplement is also manufactured at a facility that is GMP registered.

  • I was suffering from what may have been stomach ulcers and these took away my pain in less than a week. 
  • Say goodbye to the purple pill and hello for healing your stomach

Metagenics Zinlori 75 is another high-quality zinc supplement that has a very accurate label, and high nutritional value. This supplement by Metagenics is also very pure according to third-party testing and includes safe ingredients and high potential effectiveness.

A single tablet contains approximately 17.6 mg of zinc and a serving cost around 73 cents. Each tablet is gluten-free and vegetarian.

  • Awesome for acne.
  • This zinc supplement is great because it does not leave me feeling nauseous like other supplements I have tried in the past.
  • This product is not available in drug store.

Twin Labs Zinc Caps contain 30 mg of zinc but are free from added salt, artificial sweeteners, flavorings, binders, coatings, colorings, preservatives, or salicylates. The glass bottle packaging is amber in color to protect the tablets from oxidizing UV rays, and maintain a high level of freshness and quality.

Well tolerated by Individuals with Heightened Allergies

This supplement is generally well tolerated by individuals with heightened allergies or those who may be sensitive to ingredients such as corn, soy, rice, yeast, barley, lactose, wheat, citrus, egg, milk products, and fish products.

One serving of this supplement is a single capsule which costs about 7 cents. This product’s label is accurate, it contains safe ingredients, and offers a high level of purity in each tablet.

  • Zinc 15 mg can help foods not taste “bad” for the picky eater
  • Excellent product. Have used different kinds/forms of Zinc supplements before.
  • Sometimes upsets the stomach

Pure Encapsulations is a liquid form of zinc that provides 15 mg of zinc per serving. Their supplement is tested by third-party laboratories and is produced using a manufacturing process that aims to avoid artificial additives, GMOs, allergens, and other contaminants.

This liquid supplement also contains apple and cranberry juice concentrates to make it taste delicious. Stevia leaf extract is used to impart a slightly sweet flavor as well. The fluid also contains purified water, potassium sorbate, and citric acid.

Supplement has a High Level of Purity, Nutritional Value

This product is another great example of a zinc supplement produced by a brand that takes great care in delivering quality products. This supplement has a high level of purity, nutritional value, and projected efficacy in addition to an accurate label and safe ingredients.

One serving is two droppers full of liquid which totals 4mL and costs about $ per serving. This product doesn’t contain any ingredients that are on watch lists, and there are dosing instructions for both adults and children included on the packaging.

  • The results were almost immediate! After only 2 months, my hair has grown back almost completely. So easy to use.
  • Help Your Immune System
  • I try not to use plastic of any kind, especially when things are being stored long term such as supplements.

Good State Ionic Zinc provides 18 mg of zinc in each serving which means that a single 8-ounce bottle contains approximately 96 servings. This professional grade zinc supplement is manufactured in the US and can be mixed with water or juice.

 With Fulvic Acid to Help with Absorption

The ionic zinc is derived from a fermentation process that involves lactic and gluconic acid. The resulting zinc is then mixed with Fulvic acid to help with absorption. One serving is approximately half a capful and will cost around 20 cents per 2.5 ml serving of liquid.

This supplement has a high level of purity, nutritional value, and efficacy in addition to a very accurate label and safe ingredients.

  • Helped me to regrow my hair.
  • Very good for one’s immune system
  • Makes me feel queasy with and without food. 

Source Naturals OptiZinc contains 30 mg of zinc and 300 mcg of copper in one serving sized tablet. Each tablet is vegetarian and free from allergens such as dairy, eggs, yeast, corn, soy, gluten, and wheat. Tablets should be taken with a meal for best results.

Sugar Free Supplement

The tablets are also free from other ingredients such as sugar, salt, preservatives, starch, fragrance, and artificial flavors or colors. Other ingredients found in the tablets include modified cellulose gum, silica, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, and magnesium stearate.

As far as tablets go, this brand offers up one of the best values per serving at just 4 cents a pill. This supplement has a high level of purity and nutrition, an accurate label, safe ingredients, excellent projected efficacy.

The best zinc supplements on the market today come with accurate labels. Specifically, a high level of purity, and ingredients that are well documented as being safe.​

Many supplements are manufactured in the US today there are some that are made in specialized facilities. Including, control strictly for quality and allergens.

Specifically, zinc is an essential mineral that contributes to many different processes in the human body. Zinc plays a crucial role in how your reproductive organs function, the effectiveness of your immune system, and can also be a deterrent for some skin conditions.

Zinc is also a vital cofactor that is associated with over 300 unique enzymes. The presence of zinc in the human body is essential and can help improve the function of some of the most elementary processes.

To be effectively absorbed into the body, zinc must first connect with another substance. For this reason, many forms of zinc will be listed as chelated, and are combined with other elements such as organic acids and amino acids.

Some supplements will also be combined with fruit, vegetable, herb, and other mineral blends that help with absorption and also offer additional benefits. When zinc is chelated, it undergoes a process that makes it more concentrated, however, with un-chelated zinc the addition of other particles that zinc can bind to is enough.

While there is still a good deal of debate about whether or not chelated zinc allows for better absorption by the human body, there is some evidence that different kinds of zinc will absorb more readily than others.

Zinc Orotate is one of the seven common kinds of zinc and is the one most widely considered to be easily absorbed by the body. Zinc Orotate is made from zinc which has been bonded, or chelated, to orotic acid. Membranes found in the human body will readily accept this kind of zinc which is found to have a neutral charge.

The neutral charge of Zinc Orotate can pass through membranes more efficiently, and this leads to higher concentrations of zinc in human tissue that is available for use by the body. This form of zinc also has some antioxidant properties that can help improve your health.

Zinc has been widely purported to help with many health conditions such as regulating hormones, boosting testosterone, preventing illness, boosting the immune system, and combating skin conditions such as dry skin, and psoriasis.

Zinc has also been touted as a treatment for ADHD, down syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease. While many of these claims remain unproven by medical science, zinc was a popular supplement in the 1990’s when it became very trendy as a treatment for the common cold.

While it may not have helped with the common cold, there are plenty of other processes in the human body that respond positively to zinc, and zinc can be difficult to get in adequate amounts from a normal diet.

How We Chose Our Ratings

When searching for the best zinc supplement, we found a number of resources to gather data from and compare. We also reviewed third-party testing of various brands, and customer feedback to ensure that the supplements on this list worked as intended.

Our ratings also take into consideration the brand reputation, product value, and labeling accuracy. Since supplements are regulated as food under FDA guidelines, we carefully reviewed the supplement facts of each brand and compared them with laboratory testing to ensure accuracy.

Since vitamin supplements are considered food under FDA guidelines, it can be tricky to find the best product. While many supplements come with third-party testing, others will require more research to confirm the validity of the brand’s claims.

Product Quality

It is important to verify the ingredients found in zinc supplements to ensure that no questionable ingredients are included. While most supplements will provide very straightforward lists of ingredients, be wary of those that add a lot of extra ingredients or blends of various substances that haven’t been tested by the FDA.

If you choose a liquid or tablet form of zinc supplement, it is also a good idea to verify how many servings are in each container and how often you will need to consume the liquid or tablet to get a full dose of zinc. Some brands require two tablets to get a full dose, while liquids may require multiple droppers full to get to an adult dose.

Individual Needs

It’s a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider before beginning to take a zinc supplement. However, depending on your health and individual supplement needs you may require more or less zinc that is found in many of the supplements on this list.

There is no single correct dose for everyone. In particular, your doctor can be a valuable resource when deciding how much zinc is required when supplementing your diet. There are also multiple different kinds of zinc, and if you need to be consuming a more significant amount, you’ll want to opt for one of the more easily absorbable forms.

There are numerous third-party testing sites online such as where you can verify the accuracy, and purity of the supplement you are considering. Sites like confirm that the label on the product matches their analytical tests, and full reports are often available for free.

Choosing the best zinc supplement from a brand with an excellent reputation is a sound idea; however, some vitamin supplements will provide a higher value per serving than others. Third party testing allows you to compare which supplements are higher in quality and a better cost per serving.

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