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15 Home Remedies to Pass a Drug Test

Laboratory Officer doing Drug Test on Blood Samples from Athletes at a Hospital
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Image: Public Domain US, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Flickr

Perhaps you have an interview coming up that you’ve known about for months. Or maybe your boss has sprung a surprise one on you and you need to flush out quickly. Either way, a looming drug test can cause a lot of anxiety in a person. Luckily, there are ways to pass a drug test using home remedies.

Pass Your Next Drug Test with these Natural Remedies

Home remedies are often less expensive than drinks or pills and can be done on the fly. In our article, we will detail for you several home remedies for the drug test. Alongside the remedies, we will show you how to complete them all.

1. Water

One of the best things to do to flush out your system is to drink water. Increase your water intake by sipping on it all throughout the day. Try not to chug bottles of it over and over; this could cause damage to your organs. By drinking plenty of water, you can flush out toxins. This is because you will be urinating more and pushing them out at a faster rate.

Home Remedies for Drug Test water
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Necessary items

  • Water


  1. A week before the drug test or as soon as you find out, begin drinking more water.
  2. Set goals for yourself to drink more water and try to reach them by certain points in the day. 

2. Sauna Bath

A sauna is a great way to increase body temperature. By doing so, you will sweat more. Through your sweat, toxins are released from the body. This can help you flush out your system more quickly than usual. Doing this will work great in conjunction with drinking more water; you will be flushing out toxins while also staying hydrated since saunas can dehydrate you.

Necessary items

  • Access to a sauna


  1. Go and sit in a sauna bath a few times a week.
  2. It is especially important to sit in the sauna in the days leading up to your drug test.
  3. It will be most effective if you pair it with water and exercise. 

3. Exercise

Exercise helps you to get rid of unneeded fats in the body. Most drugs, especially marijuana/THC, cling to the fat in your body and are stored there. By eliminating fat, there is less room for it to be stored. This will not be very effective if you have a drug test right away; it is impossible to lose fat overnight. If you want to pass a drug test in the farther future, however, exercising may be key.

Necessary Items

  • None


  1. Get access to a gym and workout three days a week.
  2. You can also go on long, regular walks if you cannot gain access to a gym.

4. BComplex vitamins

If you are drinking a lot of water or taking diuretics to urinate more, this could pose a risk of suspicion. This is because doing these things takes away the natural yellow hue from your urine. In order to combat this, you can take B-complex vitamins.

These vitamins are known for making your urine especially yellow to help restore its color. it is recommended you take these vitamins in the days leading up to the drug test. Also, take them around two hours before you take the drug test.

Necessary Items


  1. Take 100 milligrams of B-complex vitamins for a few days before the drug test. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.
  2. Take these vitamins two hours before the drug test for best results. 

5. Dandelion Root Tea

Tea is a natural diuretic. This means it is something that will help you urinate more frequently. Not only this, but tea may be able to speed up your metabolism a bit. This will help on your journey to losing fat in the body. This combination over time will help you flush out your system more quickly. Try not to drink caffeinated tea as this may have a reverse effect. It is best to drink at least a gallon of this tea throughout the day which works fine for an upset stomach.

Necessary Items

  • One gallon of tea


  1. Sip on the gallon of tea throughout the day instead of chugging it.
  2. Try to drink the entire gallon the day before your test. 

6. Grape Juice and Cranberry Juice

 Both cranberries and grapes are natural antioxidants. Their job in the body is to rid it of toxins such as drug components. If you drink their juices, you will fare better than just eating them. This is because it will increase the water content inside of you as well to make you urinate more frequently. For faster results, it is suggested that you drink fresh juice as opposed to canned, concentrated juices. This remains a good remedy for headaches.

Home Remedies for Drug Test grape juice and cranberry juice
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Necessary Items


  1. Sip on this juice throughout the day in the days leading up to your test.
  2. Be mindful not to over-hydrate yourself by drinking this with too much water. 

7. Fruits

Fruits that feature high water content are good to eat as well. This will increase the water in your body which will help you urinate more frequently. You can find all of the fruits that are best for this in your local grocery store. Try to eat them as snacks throughout the day in the days leading up to your drug test to encourage more urination. 

Necessary items

Fruits such as:

  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Cranberries
  • Grapes
  • Juniper Berries
  • Watermelons

Note: if you have kidney issues, do not eat Juniper berries.


Cut up these fruits and eat them as a fruit salad breakfast or snack throughout the day for best results. 

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

 While it may have an unappealing taste when consumed alone, this is one of the most effective home remedies. In order for this to work, you should complete the steps for seven days straight leading up to the test. Drinking too much for too long may hurt your system, so only do it for a little while.

Necessary Items  


  1. Drink a large gulp of apple cider vinegar by itself, undiluted.
  2. Follow the swallow with a drink of water to wash it down.
  3. Repeat this process for a minimum of seven days leading up to the drug test.
  4. Do it a few hours before going into your drug test as well. 

9. Fiber Intake 

In order to help get rid of more stored compounds in fat, eat more fiber. By increasing your fiber intake, you may be able to help move fats through your body. This will help remove the traces of the drug inside of your body more easily. The fat will usually get sent out of the body in the form of stools; fiber helps facilitate this. 

Necessary Items

Fiber-rich foods such as:


Eat as many of these foods throughout the days leading up to your drug test as you can.

10. Vegetables

Eating certain vegetables may also be able to help you flush out your system. You want to aim for veggies that are high in water content for lower blood pressure. Eat them alongside your vegetables that are full of fiber for best results. By doing this, you can get rid of the toxins that your body is storing more quickly than you would otherwise.

Necessary Items 

Vegetables with a high water content such as:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Radish
  • Red cabbage
  • Scallions
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Watercress
  • Zucchini


Eat as many of these vegetables as you can during the days leading up to your drug test. Mix them with the high-fiber veggies when you can. 

11. Burdock Root

 Burdock root is full of antioxidants. It is highly sought out for its medicinal value quite often. Burdock root can be found growing densely in places in the Southeastern United States. If you do not have access to wild burdock root, you can buy some in health food stores. You may also be able to find them in grocery stores. 

Necessary Items


  1. Break down the burdock root and remove its sap.
  2. Boil water.
  3. Pour the hot water over the top of the burdock root.
  4. Make a mixture with it.
  5. Allow it to cool down completely.
  6. Drink the tea at least twice a day leading up to your drug test.

12. Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots are often used for medicinal purposes. They have been taken for years because of their antioxidant properties. By getting plenty of antioxidants in the body, you can clean out toxins. This is great for flushing out drug compounds from the body. Dandelion grows wild in many parts of the country. Still, if you cannot find them growing, you can buy them. Check your grocery stores and your local health food stores.

Necessary Items


  1. Cut up dandelion roots.
  2. Boil up a few cups of water.
  3. Pour the boiling water into a mug.
  4. Add the dandelion roots.
  5. Let the tea cool.
  6. Drink this tea each day before your drug test. 

13. Aspirin

You can take aspirin in order to add more acidity to your urine. This is important for those who have been flushing out their systems with liquids. Some tests are able to check for diluted urine. This may make you fail the test. With higher acid levels, it may mask the fact that you have been diluting your urine. Take aspirin safely by following the rule of four: take as many as four aspirins every four hours. You can do this up until around four hours before the drug test. 

Necessary Items

  • Aspirin (not Tylenol–pure aspirin)


  1. Take four aspirin every four hours in the days leading up to your drug test.
  2. Stop taking them four hours before you have to test. 

14. Sports Drinks

 If you’re looking for another way to flush out toxins and urinate more, try light-colored sports drinks. These have electrolytes in them that can replenish you after you work out to reduce fat. It can also rehydrate you since you will be urinating a lot. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade can be found in nearly any grocery store or gas station.

Home Remedies for Drug Test sports drinks
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Necessary Items


  1. Drink sports drinks after working out or sweating a lot.
  2. Do not chug them and instead simply sip on them. 

15. Tums and Rolaids

By increasing your mineral and salt intake, you can balance out your diluted urine. They often check for this to make sure it is denser than water. If it is not, they will know you are trying to dilute your urine. Go and ahead and take this for weight loss.

Necessary Items


  1. Eat up to six tums each day leading up to your drug test.

Go and Take Your Drug Test Now!

Having a drug test looming on the horizon can be daunting and anxiety causing. With home remedies for the drug test, you can ease that anxiety by doing everything you can to pass one. In this article, we provided you with home remedies for drug tests. Have you passed a drug test using any of these methods? Do you have some of your own? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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