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15 Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

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Image: CC by 2.0, Richard Riley, via Flickr

During the summer when the sun is out the most, prickly heat can occur. Prickly heat is an itchy and inflamed rash that occurs from too much sun and heat. It happens when too much sweat clogs your pores and triggers the rash itself. The rash usually comes in the form of inflamed, red skin. This skin usually has small blisters that accompany it. They are also irritating and itchy.

Understanding Prickly Heat and How to Avoid it

In this article, we will provide you with information on home remedies for prickly heat.  Not only will we specifically offer you information on the home remedies; we will show you how to use them. These are often less expensive than using special creams for prickly heat.

Prickly heat is sometimes confused with sunburn. If you believe the issue might be sunburn, try our home remedies for sunburn.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used home remedies for prickly heat. It is good for nearly all skin conditions, thanks to its healing and soothing properties. It is full of both antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are able to help soothe a number of skin rashes. You can get rid of the redness, swelling, and itchiness of prickly heat this way. Aloe vera plants can be found most any place plants are sold.

Necessary Items


  1. Pick one of the leaves from a plant.
  2. Extract the gel from the leaf.
  3. Put it in a bowl.
  4. Apply the gel onto the part of the body with the rash.
  5. Massage it in and let it dry.

2. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is another popular choice for healing conditions of the skin. It is able to soothe the itching and inflammation. It also helps to clear the blocked sweat glands and exfoliate the skin. Plain oatmeal is going to be best for the job; using an oatmeal with fruits or sugar will only irritate the skin worse and could possibly cause pain. Plain oatmeal can be found in any grocery store.

Necessary Items  


  1. Run warm water into your bathtub.
  2. When it is full, pour in one or two cups of oatmeal.
  3. Mix it around with your hand.
  4. Soak in the oatmeal bath for 20 minutes.

3. Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour, also known as gram flour, is able to clean the skin. It is able to get rid of any impurities that are clogging up the pores. This, of course, is one of the main causes of prickly heat. Not only this, but its granular nature allows you to exfoliate the skin to help the rash heal faster. You can stop the itching sensation with this flour. Find it at most grocery stores.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Chickpea Flour
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Necessary Items


  1. Put two or three tablespoons of chickpea flour in a bit of water or rose water.
  2. Put this paste on the rash.
  3. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off using cool water.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is naturally full of antibacterial properties. This will help get rid of the bacteria in the sweat stuck under your skin. By doing this, it can relieve prickly heat. It can also help by stopping any sort of infections on the rash. Furthermore, it can soothe the skin and stop the itching.

Necessary Items


  1. Put some baking soda into a bit of cool water.
  2. Mix it up thoroughly.
  3. Put a clean washcloth in the bowl and soak up the solution.
  4. Apply it to the rash.
  5. Gently rub it in.
  6. Let this solution rest for a few minutes.
  7. Rinse it off using cool, soothing water.

5. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth is great at revitalizing the skin and removing impurities. It is used not only for prickly heat but for other conditions of the skin as well. Fuller’s Earth can be found at most grocery stores and at some health stores. It is inexpensive and can be saved for other conditions of the skin in the future.

Necessary Items


  1. Put three to four tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth into a small bowl.
  2. Mix in a few drops of rose water in order to form a paste.
  3. Once it is mixed up well, put the paste on the rash.
  4. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

6. Raw Potato

Potatoes are good for sucking up excess moisture on the skin. This means it will be able to reduce the sweat that is clogged up beneath the skin and causing this issue. Potatoes are typically a common staple in many homes; if you have one already, this home remedy is free. This is definetely one of the cheapest home remedies for prickly heat one could try.

Necessary Items

  • One medium-sized potato


  1. Rinse off the exterior of the potato.
  2. Slice it up into thin slices.
  3. Put the potato slices on the prickly heat rash.
  4. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse the area off with cool water after removing the potato.

7. Ginger

Ginger is full of healing properties that can help get rid of your prickly heat. It is an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory. For this reason, it can help heal prickly heat while stopping any sort of itching and burning. Ginger is a common root and can be found in fresh form in most grocery stores. It is relatively inexpensive to buy.

Necessary Items

  • Small chunk of ginger
  • Water
  • Washcloth


  1. Skin and then grate a piece of fresh ginger.
  2. Boil it in some water.
  3. Allow the water to cool completely.
  4. Use a washcloth to soak up the mixture and apply it to the skin.
  5. Let the solution sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Watermelon

Watermelon is made up of mostly water, making it a soothing choice for healing prickly heat. It is full of antioxidants which can help get rid of the impurities under the skin from the sweat. This makes healing a faster process. Not only this, it can help alleviate any of the damaged appearance from the prickly heat. Watermelon is most commonly found in grocery stores in the summer, which is especially convenient.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Watermelon
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Necessary Items

  • One small watermelon
  • Water


  1. Cut up a watermelon and take the seeds out.
  2. Create a pulp with its fruit.
  3. Put the pulp onto the heat rash for up to 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off with cool, plain water.

9. Camphor

Camphor is great at getting rid of the itchy burn that prickly heat causes. It is a soothing powder that helps to cool the rash instantly. Not only this, but it is antibacterial by nature. This means that it will help get rid of the bacteria in the sweat trapped beneath the skin. Doing this may help stop any sort of infections from coming on.

Necessary Items


  1. Mash up the camphor pill into a powder.
  2. Mix some neem oil into the powder.
  3. Once a paste has been created, apply it to the rash.
  4. Allow it to rest for five to seven minutes.
  5. Rinse it off using cool, soothing water.

10. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are able to soothe the burn and itch of the heat rash right on contact. The cold of the ice should also help to bring down the swelling and irritation associated with the heat rash. Ice cubes are something that are already in most people’s homes or easy to make. This makes it a free home remedy for prickly heat.

Necessary Items  

  • Two or three ice cubes
  • Soft, clean cotton towel


  1. Put a handful of ice cubes into the clean cotton towel. It is best if the towel is relatively thin.
  2. Place the towel with the ice cubes over the rash.
  3. Allow it to sit for around 15 minutes.

11. Honey

Honey is full of the humectant, astringent and antibacterial properties. All of these can work together to help heal your prickly heat. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are able to clear the impurities from your sweat. This honey can also soothe the burning and itchiness of your rash. This can help make you more comfortable while the prickly heat heals. It is recommended you use raw honey for the best effect.

Necessary Items


  1. Clean off the rash using mild soap and water.
  2. Pat it dry.
  3. Apply a layer of raw honey to the rash.
  4. Allow the honey to sit for around 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse the honey off with cool water after time has passed.

12. Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants can help get rid of the toxins in the sweat trapped beneath your skin. With this sweat gone, you can help your body heal the rash more swiftly. Limes are common in most grocery stores.

You will be able to easily find them in the produce section at a low cost. All you need is one. You do not want to apply the lime juice to the rash as it will make it sting worse.

Necessary Items

  • Lime
  • One glass of water
  • Honey


  1. Squeeze an entire lime.
  2. Pour its juice into a glass of water.
  3. Sweeten the water with a bit of honey to taste.
  4. Drink it.

13. Papaya

Papaya is full of antioxidants which can also get rid of the impurities under the skin. It is also a naturally soothing fruit when applied topically. Then, this fruit will help stop the itching you feel. It will also take care of the burning. Not only this, but it can exfoliate the skin and unclog the pores.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat Papaya
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Necessary Items

  • Piece of ripe papaya
  • Cool water


  1. Cut up the papaya and mash it into a pulp.
  2. Apply it straight to the rash.
  3. Let it sit on the rash for around 25 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off with cool water.

14. Cucumber

Cucumber is a naturally cooling vegetable that is used to help a number of skin conditions. It is especially useful for those who have burning skin. Furthermore, a burning sensation is common for those suffering from prickly heat. As soon as you apply the cucumber to the skin, it will help to cool it.

Necessary Items

  • Cucumber


  1. Peel the vegetable and then cut it into thin, long slices.
  2. Cool the slices in the freezer for a few minutes.
  3. Put them on the rash until the cucumber slices are room temperature again.

15. Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is good at healing your skin. Further, it is able to keep you dry in hot weather to prevent sweat from building up. Hence, this can help heal the rash more quickly.

Necessary Items


  1. Take a shower.
  2. Apply the talcum powder to your skin in sprinkles.
  3. Do not rinse after applying it.

Avoiding the Nasty Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is not life threatening, but it is painful, itchy and annoying. It can happen to anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun and the heat. Also, you can get rid of prickly heat right at home with the right home remedy. Lastly, this article is full of home remedies for prickly heat. Did we forget to mention your go-to method for prickly heat? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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