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Homemade Protein Powders For Saving Money & Living Healthy

Protein an essential nutrient for ensuring the healthy function of the human body. Protein from foods such as meats, nuts, or some fruits and vegetables help provide essential amino acid compounds to our bodies. These tiny compounds help build things like muscle and are vital to our wellness. Protein powders are popular supplements to help provide nutritional support in this area but are often costly. Learning how to prepare your own homemade protein powder can remedy the expense on your bank account—while still helping provide supportive nutrition!

What is Protein Powder?

Simply put; protein powders are just powdered forms of foods that are high in protein. One of the most popular types of these products is whey protein powder. Whey is a specific type of protein that can be isolated from cow’s milk. Whey protein powders have been processed in such a way as to provide a concentrated form of this protein, commonly regarded as one of the most effective protein powders available.

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Other such products, like hemp protein powder, pea protein powder, or egg white protein powders are more of a ‘whole-food’ supplement. These products aren’t processed as heavily, and more closely resemble their natural forms. For making your own protein powders at home, these are typically the types of recipes one wants to consider.

Note: Protein powders can boost testosterone levels, which increase muscle mass, more rapid body fat burn, improved libido, mood, and sleep, just to name a few. If you are interested in other natural & healthy ways to achieve these, check out these 18 ways to boost testosterone levels!

Homemade Protein Powder Recipes

The essential practice for making your own protein powder at home isn’t too different from making any other recipe—you have ingredients, you mix them, and you add flavor. The main difference here is that homemade protein powders are more of a raw food than they are a cooked one. That’s to say; you want likely need to put any of these recipes into an oven to bake. There are a lot of different options out there for the types of protein powder one could choose to make.

If you have food sensitivities make sure to read your labels closely — though you probably don’t need to be reminded.The main issues you’ll want to watch out for are the types of nut meals you use, and be sure to avoid any ingredients that might trigger a reaction. Most nuts can be used as substitutes, though you might have to resort to grinding them up on your own. Below you’ll find a few easy to make homemade protein powder recipes.

1. Hemp Heart & Almond Meal Protein Powder

This is a unique plant and nut-based recipe, which makes it one of the most natural protein powders you can try.  However, most of the times the best protein powders aren’t always the best-tasting. Other protein products like protein bars have almost been notorious for having foul flavorings. Fortunately, when you’re making your own protein powder at home, you are in control of the flavor. To help add a bit of punch to your end product, you can add other powdered compounds. These are all great ways to add some additional zest to your recipe, and all great motivators to keep you saving money!

Fortunately, when you’re making your own protein powder at home, you are in control of the flavor. To help add a bit of punch to your end product, you can add other powdered compounds. These are all great ways to add some additional zest to your recipe, and all great motivators to keep you saving money!

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The recipe involves mixing approximately 2:1 almond meal and hemp hearts with one part of acai or carob powder. You can feel free to play around with the ratio and alter it to suit your taste. Most health food stores and many major grocery stores now sell hemp hearts along with almond meal. Simply put them in a food processor and allow them to grind up as finely as you desire. If you use whole almonds for this recipe, the mixture will be moister than commercial protein powders, but will also be more delicious!

2. Collagen & Green Powder

Ok, this one involves buying some stuff that’s closely related to protein powder, but doesn’t really yield a protein bar in the traditional sense. Collagen hydrolysate is a concentrated form of protein that has been reduced down to its most simple molecular form. This compound often referred to as “collagen peptides”, is already broken up so your body just soaks it right up! Collagen has been noted as helping to support natural hair growth, skin health, and nail growth. Additionally, it provides a well-rounded amount of protein as well—with a heavy favor of glycine.

Collagen isn’t considered a complete protein, however, and needs some additional support before being considered as much. By adding compounds like powdered green superfood blends, you can help round out collagen powders into a complete solution!

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Mix the ingredients and store in an airtight container.


Protein powders are great for providing our bodies with the raw ingredients they need to support health naturally. They are rich in amino acids and come in a variety of types ranging from whey protein to hemp protein. While these products are incredibly effective, they are often a bit over-priced in stores. Making your own protein powders at home can be a valuable and cost-saving method to provide a great DIY version of this popular supplement. You can choose your own ingredients, flavoring, and even control how finely ground your recipe is. All things considered, homemade protein powders are one of the best ways to ensure adequate nutrition while also remedying the burden of supplement cost.

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