How to Shrink Pores in 10 Easy Ways

Find out everything there is to know on how to shrink pores without undergoing costly cosmetic treatments. Large open pores are caused by a number of factors, including age, genetics, or environmental conditions.

It is true that people with oily skin or mixed skin are generally prone to having large open pores. Nonetheless, this is not a rule of thumb. If you have dry skin that was exposed to the sun for too long, large pores can still appear.

Before you give in to the nuisance or decide to apply complicated cosmetic treatments to minimize the pores, try some of these home remedies. They work wonders not only in the short term but in the long term as well.

How to Shrink Pores Naturally

A host of natural ingredients is perfectly suited to help us shrink pores on our cheeks, noses or forehead. To understand how these work, it’s important to know what causes pores to dilate. Here are the main causes for large pores.

  • Do you have oily skin or naturally thicker skin? People who do are more prone to have large pores as well. This is why home remedies that target oily skin are also useful to combat larger pores.
  • As time passes by, our skin loses its elasticity. A less elastic skin will also feature more dilated pores. Focus on home remedies that offer extra elasticity and support for the skin.
  • Environmental factors. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and thus UV radiation also adds quite a few years to our skin. Going out in the sun without sunscreen and adequate UV protection causes a number of skin problems in the long run. Dilated pores and aged skin are just two of them.

Now let’s talk about how to shrink pores, all from the comfort of your home.

1. Tomato and Oatmeal Paste

If you have been wondering how to shrink your pores in no time, this is one of the best home remedies to help you. Oats have been known for centuries for their extraordinary healing properties for the skin. Simply soaked in lukewarm water and applied as a compress on the skin, oats can absorb the extra sebum and cleanse the deeper skin tissue.

Not only that but oats are also a great gentle exfoliating solution. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are packed with beneficial acids that refresh the skin, restore its natural glow and close pores due to their astringent properties.

Thus, mixing oats and tomatoes may be one of the best answers you will get when you wonder how to naturally shrink pores. Dice the tomatoes, mix the natural oats until it gradually turns into a paste. Add the mixture in a clean cotton cloth and gently massage your face with it. Leave the mixture on for about one hour, then rinse with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can use ice cubes to completely close the pores afterward.

2. Yeast and Purified Water Putty

Brewers’ yeast, much like oats is packed with minerals and proteins needed for a healthy skin. You’ve probably stumbled across face masks based on yeast before. How to shrink large pores using yeast? Blend purified water with yeast until the mixture resembles a putty.

Dilated pores don’t stand a chance against it. Apply the paste on the dilated pores. Let it sit for approximately half an hour. If you feel comfortable leaving it on, even more, you can do that. Wash the yeast putty off and reveal beautiful glowing skin with significantly reduced pores.

The same mixture can also contain lemon juice as an astringent solution to close pores and reduce the sebum production. This putty is a shortcut for how to shrink pores on face.

3. Yogurt and Honey Face Mask

The host of benefits carried by honey has received much praise. Yet, yogurt’s benefits for the skin are less known to wider audiences. Here’s how yogurt can help you on your quest for the best tips on how to shrink facial pores.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, a mild cleanser for the skin. Lactic acid has many other benefits.  Yet, when it is applied on the skin, it removes dirt, cleanses the excess oil, and removes dead skin. Honey is rich in potassium among other essential minerals and nutrients. Potassium is a powerful agent against bacteria.

Thus, mixing these two ingredients into a smooth paste and applying it on your face will work wonders for large pores. All the bacteria and dead skin that clogs the pores are removed. Thus, the skin is tightened, the pores are constricted and your natural glow is restored.

4. Ice Cubes Compress

Among the most common home remedies to shrink pores you will find ice or ice cubes. While it is recommended to use ice after applying another cleansing and tonic home remedy for large pores, ice cubes work just as well on their own.

The mere freezing temperature of the water causes pores to contract. Moreover, ice cubes are ideal for stimulating blood flow. A well-irrigated skin is a healthy skin. Thus, apply ice to dilated pores after exposure to the sun or after a steam treatment to reduce large pores.

Alternatively, add cucumber, rose water or apple cider vinegar in the water before leaving it to freeze. All these ingredients work to reduce large pores and restore the beauty of your skin.

5. Olive Oil and Brown Sugar Scrub

How to shrink pores with a homemade sugar scrub? It’s easy when you pick the right ingredients for the scrub. Olive oil moisturizes the skin while working to reduce the excess sebum released by the skin glands. Lemon juice is astringent and helps close the pores. Sugar is nourishing. Yet most of all it’s the key ingredient which removes dead skin and impurities.

Here is how to shrink enlarged pores with this home remedy. First, mix one spoon of olive oil with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two spoons of brown sugar. Let the mixture sit for half an hour before applying it on the face.

You will notice the improvement immediately. However, refrain from using the scrub more than two times per week as the abrasive scrub is known to cause the skin to dry on the long term, despite olive oil being incorporated into the mix.

6. Simple Apple Cider Vinegar

Why should you spend money on cosmetic products that promise a perfect skin when you have all you need around the house? Apple cider vinegar is one of the natural home remedies used to get rid of a number of skin problems.

It should come as no surprise that it also great to reduce large pores. Here’s how to shrink nose pores or facial pores generally by using apple cider vinegar.  Don’t apply it directly on the skin. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water and use a cotton ball to apply the resulting solution on the large pores.

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful anti-inflammatory, astringent and antimicrobial. Thus, with one simple ingredient, you will notice tighter skin, reduced pores and restored pH balance. As the initial reaction of the skin is to redden, use this home remedy to shrink large pores before going to sleep. Make sure to apply skin moisturizer as soon as you rinsed off the apple cider vinegar.

7. Egg Whites Face Mask

Egg whites are packed with amino acids and a host of nutrients that will make your skin look gorgeous in no time. How to shrink pores using egg whites? It’s fairly simple. Use a mixer or a traditional whisk to whisk one egg white.

Use the resulting foam as a face mask. After you spread the foamy whites on the face, allow drying. Use cool water to rinse off. When I asked for opinions on how to shrink my pores, I was suggested to use lemon juice in the mixture as well.

However, adding lemon juice to the whisked egg whites cause the foam to sink. You can use the lemon juice separately in order to get all the benefits from the egg whites face mask.

8. Fuller’s Earth Face Mask

This clay-like face mask has been known for ages as one of the best solutions against large pores. Fuller’s earth is used in professional beauty salons as a natural remedy for dilated pores. However, you can just as easily use it from the comfort of your home. Here is how.

Mix two tablespoons of fuller’s earth with rose water. Whisk until a smooth paste is created. Apply the paste evenly on your face. Let it sit for about 20 minutes or as long as it takes to dry. Use cool water to rinse. All the nutrients in the face mask will leave your skin rejuvenated, refreshed and smooth. As for the dilated pores, you will notice the difference. Thus, if you were looking for tips on how to shrink pores on your face, this is one of the best you could find. This is how to shrink pores using natural ingredients.

9. Grinded Almonds and Lemon Juice

It may sound like a cookie mixture, but it’s not. Almond oil is already known to be packed with nutrients that restore the natural elasticity of the skin. As the loss of natural skin elasticity is one of the causes for large pores, here is how to shrink your pores naturally using almonds and lemon juice.

Crush six almonds and mix the crumbles with lemon juice. Use a manual grinder or a blender to further smoothen the mixture until it becomes a paste. Apply the home remedy for enlarged pores on the face and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy the smooth feeling of your skin.

10. Cucumber and Rose Water

Buy some cucumbers from the farmer’s market. Without peeling the cucumber, grate it on the fine grater. Depending on how large the cucumber is, add half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of rose water to the grated cucumber. Mix and let the blend sit for a while.

Cucumber is often used in beauty rituals for a fair complexion and to reduce aging signs. Rose water is a mild cleanser and astringent solution. As such, you can use the cucumber-rose water mixture to apply it directly on the skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes, rinse and notice the improved skin texture and shrunk pores.

These are the top ten home remedies for large pores. Try them and see which one works best for you. How to shrink pores? It is really that easy. Use natural ingredients you already have in your home. As an extra, follow these tips and tricks on how to shrink pores. Here they are:

  • Cleanse your pores. Clean pores mean pores that are reduced in size. Use cleanser each day. If you need to use it more than once per day, then create your own mild cleanser at home or ask for a special care cleanser at the pharmacy or drug store.
  • Control the sebum build-up. Sebum is the natural fatty substance that our body releases to keep the skin naturally moisturized and protected. However, some of us suffer from excessive sebum release or have fairly oily skin types. If this is the case, use astringent and tonic substances to clean the extra oily substance. Astringent substances are also your best answer for how to shrink pores.
  • Remove dead skin. The surface layers of the skin are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Thus, the dried out, almost flaky skin that is visible sometimes is in fact dead skin that needs to be removed. Dead skin also clogs the pores and keep dirt and bacteria inside, leading to further inflammation. Use gentle scrubs to remove the skin and cleanse the pores.

Hopefully, you’ve found your cues on how to shrink pores with these 10 amazing home remedies. In addition, remember to use UV sunscreen when going out in the sun to prevent aging and other skin problems. No less important, use makeup that is specifically designed to prevent large pores. Good luck!

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