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15 Home Remedies for Red Eyes

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In the article below, we will provide you with home remedies for red eyes. We will also give you step by step instructions on how to complete each one. Red eyes can be a symptom of many things. Typically, red eyes come from allergies. They can also come from irritants getting into your eyes. Other times. it can be due to things like pigments in makeup that will cause it.

Take Those Red Eyes out of you!

Our article will list off home remedies for red eyes that will save you a trip to the doctor. These home remedies for red eyes are generally less expensive than buying over the counter medicines.

While red eyes are usually caused by tiredness or appear as a symptom of allergies, sometimes they could also be indicative of pink eye. If you also experience itchiness and feel your eyes puffy, try using these home remedies for the pink eye instead.

1. Cold Compresses

Cold compresses can help reduce the swelling and heat around the eyes. By doing this, you can enjoy relief from the painful inflammation surrounding your eyes which can stop the itching. You can make a cold compress from just about anything; most of these things can be found around the house without needing to buy anything. For this reason, this home remedy is essentially costless.

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Necessary Items

One of the following:

  • Ice packs
  • Packaged frozen foods
  • Ice cubes


  1. Wrap one of the items in a clean, thin cotton towel.
  2. Place it atop your closed eyelids.
  3. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes. This will relieve the swelling.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most soothing herbs that you can use. It has natural properties that can help soothe the skin and help get rid of the irritation and itchiness. You can use it as an eyewash. Conversely, you could use it as part of a cold compress as well. Finding chamomile is a simple thing to do; it is located at any grocery store as a tea. You could also find it in an herbal or health food store.

Necessary Items


  1. Add one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers into a cup of boiled water. You could also add a tea bag of chamomile if that is more convenient.
  2. Steep the tea for up to five minutes.
  3. Strain the tea.
  4. Allow it to cool down.
  5. Use it as an eyewash or a cold compress. 

3. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices are one of the most common choices for a home remedy. They are especially good at targeting inflammation and general eye irritation. Cucumbers are soothing and cooling. They also have vitamin C inside of them which is good for the skin.

This is due to the natural antioxidants. Cucumbers can be found in any grocery store in the produce aisle. They are relatively inexpensive when you get just one; you only need a small cucumber for this to work.

Necessary Items

  • Cucumber


  1. Slice up a cucumber into two slices.
  2. Place the cucumbers in ice cold water.
  3. Allow them to sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Set them on closed eyes for another 10 minutes.

4. Increase Your Water Intake

Not drinking enough water can set you up to experience red, irritated eyes. Stop your red eyes before they start by drinking plenty of water. Not only will this help red eyes, but it can help blurry vision or dry eyes in general. Water will rehydrate them along with the rest of your body. It, obviously, has many benefits. Water, since it can be found in the tap in your home, is virtually free.

Necessary Items 

  • Water
  • Ice


  1. Be sure you are drinking the recommended amount of water–eight glasses per day.
  2. Drink enough water for at least a week straight. You should begin noticing signs of improvement by then if not sooner.

5. Tea Bags

Putting tea bags on your eyes can help with itchy eyes and irritated red eyes. This is because of the tannic acid that is found within them. It is also because tea has bioflavonoids. These compounds are able to fight off bacterial infections and viral infections. By doing so, inflammation can be reduced. If you have swollen eyes, you can help soothe them by getting the teabag moist with cool water. Then, you can press them to your eyes.

Necessary Items


  • Using your teabag of choice, dampen it with cool or cold water.
  • Lie back and place a teabag on both of your eyes.
  • Rest there for 10 to 15 minutes. 

6. Aloe Vera Juice

 Aloe vera juice is known for its soothing properties. It is often used for skin irritations for this reason. You can harness its soothing, hydrating power for your eyes as well. Find aloe vera juice in most grocery stores and health food stores. 

Necessary Items


  1. Mix aloe vera juice with water.
  2. Soak two cotton pads in the mixture.
  3. Press them onto your closed eyes.

7. Witch Hazel

Native Americans have traditionally used witch hazel to help with inflammation of the eyes. This compound is full of astringent properties that can help to decrease the swelling of your eyes. Witch hazel can be found at most health food stores.

Sometimes you will find it in grocery stores or department stores in the health care section. Witch hazel is not an expensive product to purchase. For this reason, this home remedy for dry eyes is pretty inexpensive.

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Necessary Items


  1. Soak a gauze pad, cotton pad or cotton balls in witch hazel.
  2. Place the soaked material of your choice over your eyes.
  3. Keep it there for around 10 minutes.

8. Warm Milk and Honey

Honey is full of antibacterial goodness, and the milk is calming. The combination of these two will be able to help with your dry, irritated and red eyes. Honey is reasonable, and milk is usually already in a person’s home. This home remedy is relatively inexpensive.

Necessary Items


  1. Create a mixture of equal parts honey and warm milk. You will want to warm the milk, perhaps in a microwave, but you do not want it to boil.
  2. Stir together the mixture until the honey dissolves into the milk.
  3. Use the eyedropper and put two or three drops into your eye a few times a day.
  4. You can also use this as a compress.

9. Castor Oil

Castor oil is used for a lot of home remedies. And, it is especially helpful for red, irritated eyes. It is able to decrease the dryness of your eyes with ease. This is done by helping to improve the production of lipids in your eyes.

It also is able to stop the evaporation of your tears which is a common cause of dry, red eyes. Since it is an anti-inflammatory compound as well, it will reduce the redness and swelling at the same time. It is cheap in any pharmacy.

Necessary Items  


  1. Suck up the pure castor oil into a clean dropper.
  2. Put a single drop of the oil into your eye or upper eyelid.
  3. Let it sit in your eyes overnight.

10. Rose Water

Rose water is yet another effective home remedy for red eyes. This sort of water really helps with those who not only have red eyes but sore eyes as well. Rose water is easy to find in both grocery stores and health food stores. People use it as perfume and as cooking/drink mixing ingredients. It is cheap to find and cheap to make.

Necessary Items


  1. Put some rose water into a small bowl.
  2. Soak a cotton ball or a cotton pad in the rose water.
  3. Place the soaked cotton over your eyes.
  4. Keep it on for around five minutes.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a really potent home remedy for dry eyes. It is full of antibacterial properties which can help to get out any sort of bacteria in the eye causing the irritation and redness. Apple cider vinegar is inexpensive and can be found in any grocery store.

It is one of the cheapest home remedies for red eyes out there. It is recommended you get the vinegar with “mother” in it, as this stands for malic acid–an antibacterial agent.

Necessary Items


  1. Mix a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar with one cup of water to dilute it.
  2. Use it as an eyewash by soaking the mixture in a cotton ball.

12. Potato

Potatoes are a natural astringent. For that reason, it can help reduce the inflammation on and around the eye. By reducing the inflammation, you will be able to enjoy relief from the pain it causes.

Potatoes are one of the cheaper vegetables that you can buy, making this an inexpensive home remedy. They, of course, can be found at any grocery store in the produce section. You may even already have some in your home.

Home Remedies for Red Eyes Potatoes
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Necessary Items

  • Potato
  • Standard cheese grater


  1. Rinse off a potato.
  2. Grate half of a large potato.
  3. Place the grated potato over your eyes.
  4. Let it sit there for 15 minutes.

13. Chilled Spoons

Chilled spoons provide the coldness you need to reduce the irritation in your eyes. The cool temperature that comes from the spoons can help constrict the blood vessels. This will help reduce the puffiness, redness and inflamed skin around the eye. Metal spoons are common in almost every household, so this home remedy for red eyes is free to use.

Necessary Items

  • Four metal spoons
  • Ice cold water


  1. Put four metal spoons into a tall glass full of ice water.
  2. After the spoons have been properly chilled, place one spoon on either eye.
  3. When the spoons you are using start warming up, replace them with the spoons in the ice water glass.

14. Cold Bread

Cold bread, though it might seem strange, can do a good job at helping you reduce the redness and irritation. Bread is something that most people already have in their homes. This makes it a relatively inexpensive choice, especially if you do not have to go out and buy it.

Any kind of bread will work. That said, standard sliced bread of either white or wheat varieties will work best. This is because the thinness of the bread and its highly porous nature will get colder faster and stay cold. It can help get rid of irritation, inflammation, and itchiness.

Necessary Items

  • Two pieces of bread


  1. Place cold bread in the freezer or fridge long enough for it to get cold but not too stale.
  2. Gently press the bread against your eyelids.

15. Saline

A saline rinse is always a good way to cleanse anything. This is especially true for the eyes. The liquid can flush out any irritants in your eyes. The salt in the saline solution can also help by serving as an antibacterial. This helps to take care of two things at once. It is good for any sort of irritation, inflammation or itchiness. Since a saline solution is just salt and water, this home remedy is virtually free.

Necessary Items

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Clean dropper or cotton ball


  1. Mix in one teaspoon of salt into one cup of water.
  2. Rinse out your eyes with the solution. You can do this by using a clean dropper or by using a cotton ball soaked in the mixture.
  3. Do this once or twice a day until your condition clears up.

Take Away those Red Eyes

These remedies are for minor irritation. See a doctor if symptoms persist. Did we forget your favorite home remedies for red eyes? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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