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15 Home Remedies for Wheezing

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Wheezing is often characterized by a person who has trouble catching their breath. Usually with this issue comes a sort of whistling sound. Wheezing is something that can happen to almost anyone. It can make it feel like it is difficult to breathe which can obviously cause problems down the line.

Start Hating Wheezing and Apply Remedies now!

In this article, we will offer you a few different home remedies for wheezing. These home remedies will come with different steps to take to complete them. We will also give you the materials and ingredients you will need. It is our hope that these home remedies will get rid of the wheezing in an inexpensive way.

If your wheezing is associated with chest congestion, try the options in our home remedies for chest congestion article.

1. Hot Shower

A hot shower can have a similar effect on your breathing. This is because it is able to produce steam which you can inhale while you wash up. Hot water also helps to relax the body, which can make breathing easier by easing up the tension in your airways. Since most everyone has a shower at home, this method is a free home remedy for wheezing. It is also, perhaps, the easiest.

Home Remedies for Wheezing Hot Shower
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Necessary Items

  • Shower


  1. Turn the water on in the shower. Try to get the water as hot as you are comfortable with. This will deliver the best results.
  2. Stand in the shower until it begins to steam up.
  3. Stay in there until you feel better.

2. Steam Therapy

Steam is a great way to clear up your breathing passages, and it’s perhaps one of the most accessible home remedies for wheezing It can get rid of things such as mucus, dust, and phlegm, which cause issues with breathing. It is able to offer you relief from your uncomfortable breathing.

The moisture can soothe any sore throats or nasal passages. This method is especially helpful when you add in some essential oils. The ones recommended for use are eucalyptus oils and mint based oils.

Necessary Items  


  1. Boil water and pour it in a large bowl.
  2. Drop in some eucalyptus oil.
  3. Put a towel over your head and the bowl.
  4. Tilt your head toward the bowl and take several deep breaths. Do this for 10 minutes.

 3. Gargle with Salt Water

Salt is full of both antibacterial and general cleansing properties. This can help get through the phlegm and mucus in your airways. In turn, this can help stop your wheezing. Gargling with salt water is also good for cleaning your mouth out as a bonus. The best salt you can use for this is going to be sea salt. You can find sea salt in any grocery store at a cheap price.

Necessary Items


  1. Heat up water until it is pleasantly warm.
  2. Pour in a bit of sea salt.
  3. Mix it up until it becomes a solution.
  4. Gargle with the water for a few seconds and then spit it out. Be careful not to swallow it.
  5. Repeat a few times a day. 

4. Warm Fluids

Warm fluids are soothing to the throat and can help clear out mucus. These are able to soothe the airways that are stressed and inflamed, causing the wheezing. Frequently hydrating yourself is an excellent way to keep your respiratory pathways clear from blockages, as well.

You can drink a number of warm liquids. These include things like warm water, warm, unsweetened tea, hot soups, broths and more. These things can all be found at your local grocery store. Take your pick regarding what you want to drink.

Necessary Items

One or more of the following:


Be sure to drink enough of these liquids each day when your throat needs soothing.

5. Garlic

Garlic is full of a compound called allicin that has medicinal benefits that are able to improve upon the immune system. Because of this, you can fight against diseases and illnesses that might cause wheezing as a way to prevent it. Garlic is also full of selenium, vitamin B6, manganese, fiber and more. This can help ensure you are getting the proper nutrition as well. Garlic is best consumed fresh. You can find fresh garlic at any grocery store in the produce aisle.

Necessary Items

  • Garlic


  1. Chop up fresh garlic into small pieces.
  2. Eat the garlic directly.
  3. Chase it with a glass of water.
  4. You can also incorporate more garlic into your food.

6. Nasal Drops

 Nasal drops are a great way to get your breathing passages cleared out. All it can take is up to three drops to give you relief. It is important not to use this treatment too frequently; your body may resist similar medications if you do. Instead, try to only use nasal drops when you are experiencing especially severe symptoms. The rest of the time, use the other home remedies for wheezing found on this page.

Necessary Items


  1. Use the drops as directed on the bottle. This will usually mean putting two or three drops in your nose.
  2. Try to do this only when symptoms are particularly intense.

 7. Ginger

Primarily, ginger is fill of zinerones, shagoals and gingerols that are great for treating your wheezing. Also, ginger is great for a number of respiratory problems such as wheezing, coughing, flu, and asthma. It is able to get rid of any blocks in the breathing passages. Not only this, it can clean out the passages to reduce the risk of infection. Lastly, ginger also reduces the inflammation so that it does not hurt so badly. 

Home Remedies for Wheezing Ginger
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Necessary Items


  1. Boil some water.
  2. Pour the water into a mug over a few bags of ginger tea.
  3. Let it steep for 15 minutes.
  4. After it has cooled, drink the ginger tea throughout the day when symptoms arise.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is full of the compound called curcumin. Curcumin is one of the most potent, natural anti-inflammatories that you can find. This makes it great for eliminating the painful swelling that your airways can feel when they are clogged with dust or mucus. Then, turmeric can be found in your local grocery store. You can get fresh turmeric and prepare it for this home remedy. You could also get powdered turmeric which is ready to use straight away.

Necessary Items


  1. Put a teaspoon of turmeric powder into warm water.
  2. Mix it up well. Put in a little bit of raw honey for flavor.
  3. Stir until it has all dissolved completely.
  4. Once it has dissolved, drink it all.

9. Figs

 Figs are full of vitamins and minerals that are great at reducing the mucus in your airways. This can help to make it easier to breathe and stop the wheezing. The mucilage in figs is known to be able to stop inflammation while also draining any extra mucus. It can relieve the pain in your throat while reducing the stress that is placed on the vocal cords. You can find figs at any grocery store by looking in the produce section.

Necessary Items


  1. Cut up a few figs and soak them in a glass of water overnight.
  2. In the morning, eat the figs from the glass.
  3. Drink the water that is left over to enjoy the best results. 

10. Mint

Mint that has a strong aroma is another great home remedy for wheezing. It is full of both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that can help with your sore throat. It accomplishes this by reducing the painful swelling. The mint can also provide a soothing effect while it gets rid of the mucus and phlegm in the chest passageways.

You can breathe in the aroma of mint as a bit of aromatherapy. You could also drink it as a tea for the warm effects of the soothing liquid as well. This makes it one of the most versatile natural home remedies for wheezing

Necessary Items


  1. Boil water on the stove.
  2. Take a mug and toss in some mint leaves.
  3. Dump the boiling water over the mint leaves.
  4. Let it steep and cool before drinking.

11. Yogurt

Yogurt is full of probiotics and vitamins that are good for the throat. It can help get rid of mucus and decrease the swelling in your throat. Yogurt has vitamin B12 in it as well, which is excellent at breaking up the mucus in your airways. By consuming plain, unsweetened yogurt, you can begin enjoying the results almost right away. Find your own plain yogurt at any grocery store. You will locate it in the dairy aisle.

Necessary Items

  • Plain, unsweetened yogurt


  1. Eat yogurt for breakfast each day.
  2. Have it as a snack as often as you can.
  3. Try to eat yogurt each time you have a sore throat.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is able to help keep the pH levels in your body balanced. This can help get rid of the mucus in your throat by eliminating the bacteria there. Due to its acidic nature, you can help get relief straight away when you drink it. Because apple cider vinegar is usually common in most households, this remedy is virtually free. If you need to purchase some, don’t worry; apple cider vinegar does not cost very much at all.

Necessary Items


  1. Pour cool water into a glass.
  2. Mix in some vinegar.
  3. Once it is stirred, drink the entire glass.
  4. Do this once a day.

13. Honey

Honey is a natural antibacterial, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It is used for a number of ailments of the throat, including wheezing. Raw honey is the best source for all of this, and it easily coats the throat to get rid of the mucus when you eat it.

Honey can be eaten directly, or it can be mixed into a tea. Mixing it into a tea gives you the benefit of a warm drink to soothe your throat as well. Honey is perhaps one of the most delicious home remedies for wheezing!

Home Remedies for Wheezing Honey
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Necessary Items 

  • Water
  • Tea of your choice
  • Honey


  1. Boil water.
  2. Pour the hot water into a mug with tea.
  3. Mix in honey.
  4. Let it sit and cool.
  5. Drink it once it is cools

14. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a potent way to get rid of wheezing. It is able to treat a number of ailments, but it must be used carefully. Full of antifungal, antibacterial and stimulant properties, it is a fine candidate for getting rid of mucus in the airways. This oil can be found in any grocery store and is simple to use.

Necessary Items


  1. Heat a few tablespoons of mustard oil in the microwave.
  2. Apply the warm oil to both the chest and throat.
  3. Massage it into the skin.
  4. Allow it to dry completely while breathing it in.

15. Lemon

Accordingly, lemon is full of vitamin C that is great at getting rid of mucus and bacteria in the airways. Thus, lemon juice is also acidic, making it good for breaking up the thick blockages. You can use fresh lemon juice from a single lemon.

Necessary Items

  • Desired number of Lemons


  1. Juice a whole, fresh lemon.
  2. Sip on the lemon juice straight or mix it with a bit of water.

Make Sure Your Wheezing Goes Out of the Way

Wheezing can not only be annoying but if left untreated, it can be dangerous. This article provided you with home remedies for wheezing. What do you like to do to treat it? Share with us below your personal home remedies for wheezing.

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