How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins with 12 Natural Remedies

Varicose veins appear when the walls of the blood vessels weaken and look like abnormally large veins close to the surface of the skin. Some severe cases might require surgical and medical treatment courses to eliminate this health issue.  Nevertheless, milder cases can be treated with natural remedies. These involve making healthy choices regarding nutrition, activity, and daily routines like skin and body care. Here’s how to get rid of varicose veins using natural remedies.

1. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel contains essential oils and gallic acid and acts as a natural astringent, thus helping strengthen weakened blood vessels and reduce the swelling of varicose veins. Witch hazel soothes the affected areas and strengthens the veins to prevent further damage.

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Necessary Items


This is how to get rid of varicose veins with witch hazel:

Soak a cloth in the solution and place it on the affected area for ten minutes. Repeat this process twice a day for two or three months until the symptoms subside. You can also pour twenty drops of witch hazel extract into a tub of lukewarm water and soak legs in for at least 20 minutes. Rinse your legs with clean water after soaking them in the solution and repeat the process once a day for two to three months.

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has natural cleansing properties and can clear the skin, reduce swelling, and improve blood circulation. Apple cider vinegar can also improve blood flow and decrease the size of varicose veins.

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Apple cider vinegar works against varicose veins as a topical and internal treatment.

Here’s how to get rid of varicose veins using apple cider vinegar topically: rub undiluted apple cider vinegar directly on the skin and massage it into the affected areas for five minutes each morning and evening. Repeat the process for two to three weeks to improve blood circulation and reduce the size of varicose veins.

You can also dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink the mixture once a day for two to three months to achieve improved results.

3. Garlic

Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, garlic can treat varicose veins as it helps reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. In addition, it will also remove unhealthy toxins from your body and improve the overall health.

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Necessary items

  • Garlic cloves.
  • Olive oil.
  • Fresh orange juice.


Here’s how to get rid of varicose veins with garlic:

Crush or slice a few garlic cloves and mix them with some freshly squeezed orange juice. Then, add two or three tablespoons of olive oil to the mixture and let it sit overnight. Take a few drops of this solution and massage it into your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes once a day to reduce swelling and pain from varicose veins.

After you’ve rubbed the solution into the skin, wrap the area in a cloth and let it sit for a few hours. Repeat the process once a day for two or three months to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.

4. Cayenne Pepper

When it comes to varicose veins prevention and treatment options, cayenne pepper is an effective natural option. It contains bioflavonoids and high amounts of vitamin C which help improve the blood’s circulation through the veins. Cayenne pepper also alleviates the pain caused by swollen varicose veins and helps decongest them.

Necessary Items

  • One teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • Honey (optional).
  • Lemon juice (optional).

You can mix the cayenne pepper powder into a glass of lukewarm water, stir well, and drink it two or three times a day for three months to alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins and improve overall blood flow. If the taste is too strong, add a teaspoon of honey and a bit of lemon juice into it.

5. Grapevine Leaves

Grapevine leaves have astringent, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. They also promote better blood circulation and contain flavonoids that strengthen veins. Here is how to get rid of varicose veins in a few simple steps.

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Necessary Items

  • Grapevine leaves.
  • Essential oils (optional).

Boil some grapevine leaves into a pot of water for 15 minutes and let the resulting solution cool down until lukewarm. Then, soak your legs in the solution for five minutes, rinse with cold water, pat them dry, and massage your legs with essential oils. Keep your legs in an elevated position after massaging them to promote better blood circulation. Repeat this process once a day for three to four months for improved results.

6. Parsley

Parsley is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as other compounds that encourage cell repair and reproduction. Its active ingredients also stimulate the production of collagen, strengthening the veins and making them firmer and more elastic. One of these ingredients is rutin, a substance that strengthens capillaries. Therefore, parsley is a great natural remedy for varicose veins and varicose vein symptoms.

Necessary Items

  • Fresh parsley leaves.
  • Marigold & other essential oils (optional).


First of all, integrating raw parsley into your diet can reduce the symptoms of varicose veins.

To use parsley as a topical treatment, however, chop up some fresh parsley and boil it in a cup of water for five minutes. Allow the resulting mixture to cool down, strain it, then add a drop of marigold essential oil to the mix to increase its potency. Then, dip a cotton ball or cloth into it and apply it to the affected area. Repeat the process once a day for three months for improved results.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a successful home remedy for varicose veins thanks to its high content of antioxidants and for its effects on circulatory afflictions. Olive oil promotes better blood flow, which is essential to countering the ill effects of this condition. Here’s how to get rid of varicose veins with olive oil:

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Necessary Items

  • Olive oil.
  • Vitamin E oil.


Mix a bit of olive oil with vitamin E oil and place the mixture on low heat until it is warm. Then, use the warm mixture to massage the affected areas for approximately ten minutes to improve circulation and reduce swelling. Use this remedy once a day for two or three months for optimal results.

8. Marigold

Marigold flowers are rich in flavonoids and vitamin C. They promote the body’s production of collagen, which strengthens the vein walls. The compounds that marigold flowers contain also encourage cell repair and regeneration, which only adds to the beneficial effects of this home remedy. Marigold flowers improve blood circulation as well, helping alleviate swelling and pain.

Necessary Items

  • Marigold flowers or marigold essential oil.
  • Washcloth or compress.


Boil a handful of marigold flowers in a cup of water for five to ten minutes. Remove the resulting solution from heat, soak a washcloth in it, and leave it on the affected area until it cools down. This process can be repeated two or three times a day for three to four months for improved results. If you are wondering how to get rid of varicose veins using Marigold essential oils, you can simply use it with or instead of flowers.

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9. Butcher’s Broom

Treating the causes of varicose veins will also reduce their symptoms. Butcher’s broom can combat the inflammation and increase the elasticity of weakened veins because of ruscogenins, compounds that have anti-inflammatory activity in the veins. It also contains vitamins B and C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc, which strengthen and tighten the veins’ weakened walls, thus improving blood circulation to the legs.

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Necessary Items

  • Butcher’s Broom supplement.


Take these supplements two or three times a day to get rid of varicose veins.

Caution! As this herb can encourage blood circulation, you should consult a doctor before taking these supplements if you have other health issues such as high blood pressure.

10. Horse Chestnut Seeds

Horse chestnut seeds have been used as natural home remedies for varicose veins for a very long time thanks to their natural anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds contain aescin, which slows down the release of enzymes that damage the capillary walls. The compound also promotes elastic strength in veins, helping relieve the swelling and pain that come with spider veins.

Necessary Items

  • Horse chestnut seed extract.


Here’s how to get rid of varicose veins with horse chestnut seed extract:

Apply horse chestnut seed extract on the affected areas two or three times a day for several months to achieve the best results.

Caution! Horse chestnut seeds are poisonous and should not be used to make your own extract.

11. Essential Oils

Essential oils can relieve some of the pain and swelling by themselves or when combined with other home remedies for spider veins. They stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and soften the skin.

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Necessary Items:

  • Essential oils (cedarwood, rosemary, ginger, marigold, etc.)
  • Compresses.


Add 5 drops of your essential oil of choice to 33 ounces of water, then soak a compress and apply it to the affected area. For the best results, alternate between cold and hot compresses using the same ratio of essential oil to water.

Then, keep your legs in a comfortable and elevated position for at least 15 minutes. You can keep alternating between a hot and a cold compress or try a gentle massage with undiluted essential oils. Either way, your feet will feel lighter and softer after this session.

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12. Fuller’s Earth Powder Mud Packs

The active ingredients in Fuller’s earth powder can relieve the pain of varicose veins. This powder can also improve complexion and remove scarring thanks to its purifying properties.

Necessary Items


Mix the powder with water until you get a thick paste and apply it to the affected area. After it has dried, gently wrap the area with a dry cloth to avoid creating a mess. You can simply rinse the mud off the next morning. For the best results against spider veins, alternating hot and cold water is recommended.

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Although medical and surgical treatments are sometimes required to treat extreme cases, natural remedies can help alleviate symptoms and aid in the recovery and treatment process. Now that you know how to get rid of varicose veins with natural treatments, you can avoid the surgery if you invest a little bit of time into treating this condition at home.

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